Assoc. RC18T, 18MT, 18B & 18R Black Wide Front Bumper

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RPM is proud to offer a wide front bumper to help protect the fragile front-end components of the Associated RC18T/MT/B/R. Our wide front bumper has all sorts of cool features that are bound to impress any RC18T/MT/B/R owner.

The RPM RC18T/MT/B/R bumper is thicker than the stock version and wider for 3-5/16” of front-end protection!

The extra width of the bumper helps protect the fragile front shocks.

Our bumpers are not “bolt-on-over-the-stock” versions; our wide front bumpers completely replace the stock version.

The mounting screw holes are countersunk and recessed into the RPM wide front bumper preventing impacts from damaging the screw heads.

RPM nylons are much stronger than the stock material preventing the hinge pins from blowing out the side of the A-arm mounts.

RPM bumpers carry the RPM lifetime breakage warranty.

We’ve tightened the tolerances for less suspension slop while still maintaining free motion of the A-arms.

We reduced the front angle of the bumper from the stock 65 degrees to a more “bumper friendly” 35 degrees.

All of these features come in a product that weights in at a mere 1.5 grams heavier than the stock part – lightweight & bulletproof!

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